March Update from Southwark council

Hello everyone
We have received some great proposals to create a new Nunhead festival and will be assessing the applications next week. This is a fantastic opportunity to build on the tradition of festivals and events in Nunhead, support the local creative community and bring you some entertaining events and activities to get involved with. Watch this space for announcements about the successful proposals!
Jillian Houghton Southwark Council

Nunhead Green
We are excited to have appointed AOC architects as the designers for the improvements to the Green. A lot of you will know Daisy, Geoff and Erin from the housing consultation on the old nursery site and they bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to this new project. Other great news is that we have been awarded additional funding through the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s, Pocket Park Initiative to add £30,000 to the budget. As concepts and plans develop you will be able to view and comment on them in Nunhead Corner or online. We will also undertake direct consultation within the local community to make sure the design for Nunhead Green allows the space to reach its full potential and make Nunhead even better.Nunhead Festivals

As mentioned above we have just closed the application period for Nunhead Festivals and received 18 proposals covering a wide range of ideas and activities. A panel of both community and council will assess the proposals next week in order to develop a festival for Nunhead. Successful applicants will deliver their events with some support through the OLF programme and the Council. This is a great opportunity to add to the festivals you currently enjoy with the aim to run the new events in the years to come.
Online forms have been added to the website so if you want your event, high street business or community group to be included you can fill in the required information and be added to the website.

Business Support and advice
A workshop was held last week on Visual Merchandising to help traders learn about how they can use product displays and branding to more accurately and effectively promote their businesses. If you were unable to attend but wish to view the presentation please check it out on in the regeneration section.

We are willing to try and arrange more workshops – if you have ideas about what would help your business please let us know and where there is interest we will arrange them!

Shop Fronts
Jan Kattein and his team are delivering the shop front improvement scheme and the programme is to get works started on site in September 2013.

Discussions over the options to develop a works programme are on going and we have just had a very positive design review with the GLA on the scheme to date. To ensure that Nunhead as a whole and most shops benefit we are not just selecting a small number of units and doing a complete shop front replacement. Works are being prioritised based on a shop front condition survey and what is practically needed. Shop owners are also being invited to extend their works through financial contributions. We will make sure that information about the shop front programme is available to everyone through these monthly updates, displays at Nunhead Corner, web updates and @Village_tweet.

The installation of festoon lighting is well supported with 22 shops signed up. Shops that have already undertaken improvements will have the lights installed shortly with others being included in the main works contract starting in September.

The analysis of the high street along with strategic options are on display in Nunhead Corner and on the regeneration pages at We have had a great response from people coming to the consultation and initial conversations with shop owners are also very positive.

Nunhead’s Pop Up Shop: Nunhead Corner
Nunhead Corner is open every Tuesday from 10am until 6pm. Currently, the premise is a consultation base for all the Nunhead OLF projects to make it easy for you to find out what is happening and give your feedback on proposals. We will notify everyone of any additional consultation events or days held.

Starting in summer Nunhead Corner will be available for a series of short term low cost lettings for business start ups, creative and local industries and community uses. We are continually hearing from people who are interested in using Nunhead Corner so it is set to become a vibrant addition to Nunhead! While the operational arrangements of the shop are yet to be finalised drop me a line if you are interested in being involved in the space in the future.

The bridge lighting installation will get underway in April 2013.

Electric Vehicle point
In the next month an EV charging point will be installed in Cheam St. If you want to see one in action there is an EV point on the corner of Lordship Lane and East Dulwich Grove.

Garden walls on Evelina Road
Phase 2 of the environmental improvements replacing the front garden walls on Evelina Road will start after Easter. There are 15 properties involved which will bring about a great outcome for the street.

Road Resurfacing
Design of the drop kerbs on the northern footway of Evelina Road is being undertaken and I will confirm when the works are programmed.

Signage and Notice Boards
The project team are looking at three initial locations for visitor signage to help people arriving in Nunhead to get between the station, the cemetery and the high street. We will also be looking at upgrading the community notice boards where possible.

Bags for Life
The I ♥ Nunhead bags complete with their new map of the village are available at Nunhead Corner and from your local retailers. Wear it with pride and remember to shop local and support your local businesses!

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